Tour Details

The tour consisting of technological, consumption and educational aspects will provide you precious opportunities to focus on these issues facing modern society today. You will become increasingly aware of environmental issues and various ways to consume energy in every single aspect of modern everyday life.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Duration 5 hours (11:20am to 4:30pm)

  • Over view of the biomass industrial town of Maniwa

    Sustainable life style in Maniwa and biomass businesses of the town

  • Visiting the old part of Katsuyama town well preserved buildings from the Edo period

    Katsuyama was awarded the 2009 “Beautiful Cityscape Award” in the City Landscape Awards.

  • Visiting Meiken Manufacturing to inspect the manufacturing process of fuel tablets and pellets

    These are manufactured using sawn wood chips, and saw dust a by product of timber production.

    Power generating plant using wood

    Power generated byproducts provides necessary power for the manufacturing plants. Surplus energy are sold to a power company to supply energy to other factories in the area.

  • Case study at public facilities that are run by sustainable energy

    Air conditioning systems of Maniwa municipal government are run by wood chip pellet boilers. They also introduced solar energy.

  • Drop at the station

 The old part of Katsuyama town Biomass power generating plant Timber market

Day 2 Duratino 5.5 hours (9am-2:30pm)

Case studies providing hands-on experiences can be arranged

Three optional courses are available.

※For details of optional tours, visit our website.


Monday through Friday  This is a guided tour.
(The tour requires a minimum of 10 participants)

◆Pick up /drop off points

Chugoku-Katsuyama Station

1) One-day tour  
2) Overnight tour


The tour is designed for group participants. Individual pariticapnts are requested to contact for more details.
e-mail: info@
One-day tour includes basic programs. Overnight tours can specifically focus on a particular area of interest (woody biomass, dairy or agriculture, etc.)For details, visit our website.

Tour fees

<One-day tour>12,000 yen 
<Overnight tour>20,000 yen
※Tour transportation, insurance, and two lunches are included.
※Accommodations, breakfast and dinner are not included.

Please note, an additional fee will be incurred when a designated interpreter arrangements are requierd.

Please read through the conditions of the tour when you apply.
For booking accomodations, please contact us via email.

The tour planner

Maniwa Tourism bureau

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